My Existing Work

4 04 2009

If you want to read something by me, your best bet (unless you’re into comics) is to hunt down Revenant: A Horror Anthology, in which my short story, “Harvest Girl,” is published.

You can find it at Mythos Books, among other places.  It also contains stories by Eugie Foster, Josh Rountree, Michael Boatman, and Donna Russo.


Welcome to the Infradark

4 04 2009

This is the writing homepage of Mark Felps, so if you came looking for something else, you’ve taken the wrong tube.  I’ll be posting information about my published stories, and where you can get them.

I’ll also probably be maundering on about fantasy literature, from horror to science fiction.  I tend not to draw many hard lines between the genres, and am most comfortable using the term speculative fiction to describe my work.  If my various stories have anything in common, it’s that I have a certain dark outlook to life, so much of it is not suitable to children.

Feel free to chime in with questions or comments.